Beard Gang Movement

Hey guys, I’m back. There’s this trend I’ve noticed going for a while now and I’ve decided to share it with you. The “beard gang movement”, as I like to call it, has been trending a lot these days. A couple of guys have that going on for them and it has become their signature look. Like you can be describing Noble Igwe to a friend and she goes like “the cute guy with the beards?”, now that’s his signature look he’s got going for him. On the other hand, a couple of guys have tried and struggled to grow their beards just to be a part of the “gang” but like I said it’s been a struggle.

Being bearded seems to be gold these days so I had to speak to a friend, who’s bearded, on how he managed to nail the look and why. It was meant to be a private conversation between both parties but I’ve decided to share his thoughts considering the fact that it’s not exactly confidential. Growing your beards according to him isn’t difficult. He keeps his beards without trimming for at least a month, applies natural hair cream on them, and let them grow out. This should be monitored with constant carving, to get your desired shape. Although it sounds pretty easy this trick only works for those whose beards grow out naturally fast. It would take longer if your beards grow out slowly.

Most people keep beards because they either love the trend or want to look to impress since that’s what girls like these days. Due to this trend, a lot of guys feel insecure about their looks, facially I mean, because they feel it is an issue if they are not bearded. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, and I was staring, trying to keep eye contact, which I hear is a conversation booster. At some point I looked at other parts of his face, trying to understand his facial expressions, and the next thing I hear is, “stop staring. I know I don’t have beards”. To be honest I was lost at that point because they were two different perspectives and I thought to myself, “what has the beard trend done to people”?

As I stated earlier I had a conversation with a friend concerning the beard trend and he sees it as something he likes and how he would love to look. Luckily for him his beards tend to grow out real quick so keeping it isn’t much of a big deal for him. At the moment he isn’t keeping his beards so we can’t say the beard trend is forcing or influencing him. It’s a trend that is currently making waves but this doesn’t mean it should negatively influence you.

Check out some Nigerian celebrities with beards…

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