Beauty Behind the Madness

According to Wikipedia, content creation is the creation of “the material people contribute to the online world”.  To me however, it is my way of  “letting people see the world through my eyes”.

I remember when I began creating content, this was in my early University days. I had no idea that what I was doing had a name. I knew absolutely nothing about the term “content creation”, yet I was creating on a daily basis. I was always so fascinated by my environment that I had to capture every moment that caught my attention. Fast forward to my final year in University, at this time I had learnt a few things about content creation and I began creating fashion editorials for media sites, I officially started up my blog, I was writing blog posts for top lifestyle brands, and the list just keeps going on and on.

It’s such an amazing feeling when people come across your content and genuinely love it. However, some people can never really understand the madness that goes into content creation. Sometimes the end result which is what you see that looks so beautiful, really isn’t the mind blowing picture that creator had in mind, but “we move”.

As a creative, I battle with so many insecurities when it comes to creating content. Is this the type of content I want to put out? What if they think I’m crazy? What if they don’t like it? Etc. These are some of the questions I battle with in my head most times. Sometimes I suffer writers block, I have absolutely no idea what I should write on and even if a topic is handed to me, nothing comes to mind for the body of the article. Other times I procrastinate again and again. I create mood-boards for fun most times with the thought of recreating some of them, but sometimes that really doesn’t happen because apart from questioning my work, I could be somewhere questioning my life also.

My point is it’s not always as beautiful as it looks. A lot of madness goes into content creation. Let’s not begin to talk about how life happens on a day you decide to go out to shoot. The vehicle transporting you might breakdown, the photographer might forget his 85mm f1.4 sigma lens all the way in Ogudu when the shoot is happening in Ajah and he really needs it for the angles, or a model is battling with period cramps. A lot of madness could be going on at the time you decide to create.

But you see, I must applaud we creatives because even with the natural madness of life we still find a way to create something so beautiful that others appreciate. We see the beauty behind the madness.

Executive Producer: Fern Afrik Media @fernafrikmedia 
Model: Alexis Ebri @alexis_ebri, Sandra Ekpe @hey_itzsandra, Ruth Daniels @lilmiss_rd, @tameera.a,  Tony Bankong @thedenimgod
Photography: Ukandi Atsu @ukandiatsu, Emmanuel Eneji  @enejisframe
Article: Alexis Ebri @alexis_ebri
Set Design: Asikpo Edet @i_m_lyric
Lighting: Christopher Ukpai @_khristof
Production Assistant: Christopher Ukpai @_khristof
Styling: Tony Bankong @thedenimgod
Outfits:Tony Bankong  @thedenimgod

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