Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better

I love shopping way more than I’d like to admit. The thought of new clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, puts me in a really good mood. It seems super easy to click the “Add to cart” icon, until you get to the checkout page and see the total balance that causes you to have a mini heart attack. Online shopping is not for the weak. I have been disappointed more times than I can count. I mean, you see a pretty blouse online, proceed to order, and upon delivery you wonder if they got your order wrong. For these reasons, I personally prefer shopping in-store. But the world is evolving: you can sit in the comfort of your bedroom and order a beret from Paris. Or maybe you’re just that rich and you can get on your private jet and fly all the way to Paris to pick it up in person. Two sets of people in this world fam. But since I don’t have a private jet yet, I’ll have to stick to online shopping. Yet being the operative word.

Expensive doesn’t always mean better, and I stand by that statement 101 percent. Most people believe that just because you don’t pay a lot to purchase an item, it’s fake or not good enough. That’s ignorance at its peak. They probably missed those “all that glitters is not gold” stories in pre-school.

There’s this popular market in Lagos known as Balogun market. For you to get a better understanding let’s just say Balogun market is to Lagos what the Primark is to London. I got a pair of brogue shoes at Balogun market, which I didn’t really fancy. I got them because I was desperate. The first day I wore them to school, I got compliments about them being nice.

I figured they got attention because they were new. Then I realized after weeks of wearing that particular shoe, I got nothing less than 5 compliments a day. Mind you, this is no Ralph Lauren, Gucci or Nike. Just a shoe that was clearly Nigerian made. It didn’t even have a label on it. A friend of mine later asked me where I got the shoes from and when I told her, she laughed and said I shouldn’t say that in public. That’s when I realized that there’s so much potential wasting away in the world.

If we can patronize these locally made products, we help the seller, save money, and get a quality product all at the same time. It’s literally a win-win-win. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the money to buy expensive things, be my guest. This is for the people who need someone to tell them to CHILL. My mum thinks it makes me cheap, but I told her I’m just being resourceful and if she doesn’t want me to be so “cheap” she should increase my allowance. Funny how that was the last I heard of that.

I believe everything is just packaging. It’s just like going to the Supermart to shop for groceries; you see fixed prices on their items that are non-negotiable. Then going to the everyday markets to shop, same tomatoes, lettuce, bread, but in a different scenery. You feel the need to bargain for a better price whereas in the Supermart you pay the exact fee without question. Same merchandise but different packaging and scenery. So what’s the excuse here?

Then there’s Yeezy’s clothing line, need I say more?

Remember, I said expensive doesn’t always mean better. I’m not saying if you see a Larry Vuitton purse you should get it because it’s cheaper. It’s obviously fake and that decision is on you. Quality still remains a necessity. In most cases, the durability of a product is greatly influenced by the quality. If the product is of low quality, it wouldn’t last very long. Think of whatever you buy as a future investment for the blouse you’re going to wear or the shoe you’re going to buy. For me, while shopping, I already think of the outfits and accessories it can go with in my head. It makes it more exciting.

Prices don’t determine the quality, authenticity, beauty, or durability of any product. For example, charcoal does a better job at whitening our teeth than most branded toothpastes. Ironic isn’t it? In short, don’t lose a diamond trying to chase glitters. I’d really like to know what you guys think, so leave your comments below.

Au revoir xoxo.

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