The conveying of feeling in a work of art or in the performance of a piece of music – Oxford dictionary.

Every single brush stroke, chord, movement, paragraph; be it in a ballad or prose, choreography or symphony, every single art form ever shown to us was introducing us to deeper forms of /expression/.

The very word issues from the soul, in tune with feeling; interwoven with the movement of water, fire, wind, and earth. Expression, the very word that defines our true being, defines sway in opinion and emotion.

– If we all were to reflect a little bit deeper, it’s the word that demarcates life from death, motion from static –

So when we as a people fight and start fires, cuddle and make love, gather and worship. It is us trying to bring to life what lies beneath, interwoven in the fabric of our emotional DNA and we aim to do that through our Expressions.

Executive producer: Fern Afrik Media
Muse Sandra Ekpe
Music: Ogranya – Into my world
Script: Tilor James 
Photography: Ukandi Atsu & Emmanuel Eneji
Production Assistants: Kennis Ukpai & Christopher Ukpai

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