I am excited! That’s a lie, but I am happy to post this after over a thousand years of procrastination. I thought about this shoot in the process of experimenting with shooting with one-light source and how that adds some sense of drama to pictures. This is just what I needed to portray my mental conclusion on the topic.






@hey_itzsandra suggested we try out not-so conventional poses, which we did, and we all loved the outcome.  I made as little editing as I could, only just gave it a smudged feel to relate a softer feel by adding more to the greys than in exclusively black and white.







When I take away colour and deal with form, tone and light closely, I begin to narrow in more closely to the true meaning of an image and what it seeks to show from an aesthetic point of view. And the meaning of that image cannot be properly expressed without “Form”. So we took a series of pictures depicting different poses hoping to see if each pose gives us a distinct feeling.   






This project was shot It has been setup to accommodate intimate gatherings of creatives with the aim of sharing ideas and networking. Although starting with a relatively small space, it consists of a lounge and a studio setup for the purpose of housing and carrying out creative shoots.






There is something special about setting up this space in a small town like Calabar because of the presence of culture, calm and the aesthetics the city provides. Do stop by and feel free to tell a friend when next you are in the city of Calabar, Nigeria.








Be safe! Xo


Studio   | The Space Calabar (
Model   | Sandra Ekpe (@hey_itzsandra)
Creator | Ukandi Atsu   (@Ukandiatsu)

  • Ukandi Atsu

    Managing Partner, Creative director

    Nigerian born Political Scientist, Creative Photographer and writer.

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