How to Pick the Perfect Lipstick

Believe me when I say finding the perfect lipstick ls one of the hardest aspects of makeup. But not to worry after reading post, it will be such a fun and stress free process for you. I was so confused at a point that I felt lipsticks weren’t just for me. I will be sharing some hacks that will help you identify which lipstick is perfect for you. I stumbled upon these hacks a while ago and it helped me so much in picking the lipstick colours and shades that are a perfect fit for me. Grab your wine glasses, relax and enjoy the hacks I am about to share.

Hack 1 – Undertone Vein Test

First of all, you need to identify your skin tone. This may sound overboard but this is key in picking the perfect lipstick, this is because different colours fit different skin tones. So if you don’t know your skin tone, you will keep reaching out for lipsticks that are not meant for your skin tone. The one ultimate and universal skin undertone test is the vein test, basically you are to holdup your hands in natural or bright lighting and check for the colours of your veins. Vein colours are usually of blue, green or purple variants.

If you notice bluish-purple veins it means you have a cool undertone, these are the shades that work for cool undertones.  If you are cool undertone with light or fair skin then colours like nude, raspberry,  and dull mocha will look good on you. If you are medium skin with cool undertone; pink and cranberry shades, tan to deep skin with cool undertone; wine, deep wine, ruby and metallic ruby shades.

Green veins indicate warm undertones. Therefore if you are fair or light skin with warm undertone reds, pale pink and nudes (peachy) will look great on you. Medium to tan skin should tend towards orange red, tangerine, copper and bronze shades,

If you have bluish-green veins or you are finding it difficult to tell from the other vein colours listed you most likely have neutral undertones. This undertone are the luckiest as they can get away with some shades from both cool and warm undertone spectrum. Brilliant red, cherry red, true red, nudes, peaches, pinks and browns can be used by the neutral skin tone.

You can research more on colours that look good and works for your undertone to find out more colours the charts above may not have included, This will help you find more shades which lipsticks you should add to your makeup purse.

Hack 2 – Lip size

Darker colours like berry, dark red, dark berry and brownish red make the lip to appear smaller so if you have thin lips you should avoid darker colours and tend towards lip glosses and lipsticks that are creamy. If you have plum lip you should avoid lip colours that are glossy and too light, matte and medium shades are more flattering for such lip sizes.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels
Hack 3 – Hair colour

The colour of hair you have on actually has a lot to do with the colour of lipsticks you should pick for a look. If you have dark hair and you are light skin, colours like bright pink, cherry and plum colours will bring your look together. Similarly dusty pink, purple pink, light pink goes well with blonde hair and fair skin. For tan to deep skin with dark hair bronze and golden beige shades goes well the that hair and skin tone combination, conversely deep to tan skin with blonde hair should opt for shades like caramel, warm pink shades and salmon pink. Finally for the medium skin girls with brown hair coral, deep dusty pink and salmon pink are a great match.

Hair Colour Skin Complexion Shades
Dark HairFair & Light SkinBright pink, Cherry and Plum shades
Blonde Hair Fair & Light Skin Dusty pink, Purple pink, Purple pink
Dark Hair Tan & Deep Skin Bronze, Golden beige
Blonde Hair Tan & Deep Skin Caramel, Warm pink, Salmon pink
Dark/Brown HairMedium SkinCoral, Dusty pink, Salmon pink
Hack 4 – Contact lens / Eye colour

Your eye and lip colour can make your look go from zero to a hundred real quick or can make your look go from a hundred to zero. The chart below shows the eye/contact lenses colour that go with particular shades of lipstick.

Eye ColourLipstick Shades
Brown Eyes Brilliant Reds, Browns, Bright pinks
Grey Eyes Nude and plum shades
Blues Eyes Variants of Cherry or Scarlet
Green EyesPinks, Terracotta

These hacks all serve as a guide. If there are shades that you feel look good on you and everyone agrees that you look stunning in, please feel free to break the rules and serve looks in those shades. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters and follow us on our social media platforms.


Have a great week, go forth and slay.

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