Nigerian fashion brand, Le Shoks, recently released their SS19 collection titled – Kahuna.
Kahuna is birthed on the principle of Relevance and Greatness. Through their unprecedented designs, they believe all individuals are discretely created and that very eccentric trait is what sets each of us on the Ramp for Greatness.

The Kahuna collection explores a golden highlight on each piece which represents the uniqueness of each individual which ought to be embraced as the decider for greatness and importance.

The collection was inspired by people’s feelings towards themselves, everyone is special and has that one thing that makes them special.

The specialty of each individual was expressed through prominent hues such as black and gold. Kahuna, which explores cotton and wool on each piece, seeks to express the boldness
and uniqueness of man.


Photographer: @officialkushreg
Models: Famakin Damilola @shino_blarke
King Matthew @king_matteyu
Ehizogie @darkskinned_ehiz
Creative director: Debo Shokunbi @shokkss
MUA: Alexis Ebri @alexis_ebri

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