Lekki Conservation Centre

The Lekki conservation center is a 78-hectare wide landmass made up of mangrove swamp and savannah grassland. It is located at Eti-osa local government Lekki, Lagos, beside the Lekki tollgate, after chevron round about. The conservation was founded by late Chief S. L. Edu and is run by the Lekki Conservation society, an NGO. The conservation holds the headquarters for the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. It has an ecosystem that is 100% natural; no maintenance alters the natural system. Home to a large variety of animal and plant species, the conservation is richly dense, with astonishing and unique species of both plants and animal.

Of the many animal species, the conservation is home to the beautiful mona monkey, which gets its name from the Mona Lisa, tortoises, peacocks and peahens (peafowls), the koi fish, white tilapia, crocodiles, monitor lizards amongst others.

The conservation isn’t just remarkable because of the myriad plants and animals it houses, but because it allows you to experience without restrictions, life in the wild. With its 2km trail, wildlife, and swamps populated with dazzling silt-rooted rhizophores, it is an experience you would not forget.

The conservation provides you with the thrilling experience of walking the second longest canopy walkway in the world at 401 meters (the longest is located in Malaysia) and also the second highest in Africa at 22.5 meters (the highest is located in Ghana).

Things to do include:

  • Walking the 2km trail through the swamp.
  • Walking the 401 meters long, 22.5 meters high canopy walkway.
  • Having a picnic at the gazebo park.
  • Visiting the swamp lookout station.

The conservation also offers renewable membership to the public:

  • Student fee of 1000 Naira.
  • Individual membership of 2500 Naira.
  • Family membership of 7500 Naira.
The conservation opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. daily.

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