The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity.

– Benjamin Disraeli

*In these articles I write, I do not intend to be political, but to bring to the foreground my trend of thought. I must buttress the facts that make my ideas conceivable to you.


choose to kick off with the psychological paradox, the mental dilemma that confronts the average Nigerian youth today, or a greater part of it. So seemingly knowledgeable yet so naïve as to the events that led us here. The Nigerian youth is stuck in the undertow of unproductive external influence which I call the “the negative western peer pressure” and the total absence or lack of knowledge about self, bridled by or adorned with the pitiable indolence and laziness to learn and know.

This lack of knowledge cripples the Nigerian youths’ prospects towards self growth and development thus hampering positive applicability and making him or her alien to the idea of patriotism and the need to be. Hence I quote “how can one stand and fight for a cause or thing which he neither knows nor comprehends, that is SLAVERY!

The bitter events of our pasts and the consequences and penance paid must not only be warning signs for every Nigerian youth, but must be consistently the catalyst that continually sparks and reinforces the awareness and resolve not to repeat these acts of failure and letdowns. Bitter events like our Biafra wars, assassinations , brutality, prejudice and misgivings before, our cruelty towards our neighbours and inhumanity towards our own. Though graphically tormenting and worrisome, this shameful past must be taught, learnt to never be forgotten, not as a tool for resurrected hate and prejudice, NO, but as a yardstick for ensuring tolerance for one another irrespective of tribe region or religion and for procuring the much needed support and solidarity for one another.

Finally, as a bitter pill once swallowed which did not restore nor heal, but worsened our injury, affliction and suffering, such acts should never be recommended nor administered again.

I’d really like to know what you guys think, so leave your comments below.

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  • Ukandi Atsu

    Managing Partner, Creative director

    Nigerian born Political Scientist, Creative Photographer and writer.

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