Spotlight with The Mayor of Calabar

This week our lenses are focused on the simplistic Joseph Oku, popularly known as Jossy a.k.a the Mayor of Calabar.
We had a good time in this exclusive interview with Jossy as he walks us through the hurdles of working in the entertainment industry.

Keep your eyes locked to your screen because The Mayor of Calabar will be spilling some tea.

Jossy Oku currently runs a lifestyle brand called Jossy Entertainment which is an outstanding event company based in the city of Calabar, poised by the creation of exceptional events. Over the years they have created unforgettable experiences through events such as Funfest, The Game, A trip out of Cali, and a host of many others.

Initially the idea of Jossy entertainment “sprung up” as something mainly for fun and good times. They saw the need to create a memorable & worthwhile experience for the people of Calabar. However, Jossy and his team have not only created one of the leading lifestyle brands in the Southern region of Nigeria, they have also been able to sustain the main purpose of their brand which is pure vibes and good energy.

Running a lifestyle brand, Jossy says, has been amazing and exciting so far. Nonetheless, their journey is just about to start. The journey hasn’t been easy, but he is proud of what they have achieved in a city people perceived as dreary.
As a team, they have single-handedly unlocked the entertainment industry in Calabar through their events and have also given the next generation a platform to thrive.

Jossy views creativity as the ability to think outside the box, spot problems, and provide unique solutions. His inspiration has always been “The Big Picture”, which has been his driving force. He envisions Jossy entertainment as an international brand, a global brand that caters to everything media, music, events, talent production, and so on. His desire to achieve this goal took precedence over things he considered irrelevant. He ensures that every event hosted by his brand is properly thought through, planned, and executed to meet the standards of the major cities in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja), and eventually the world at large.

Jossy stated that his biggest fear when starting out was that, people may not understand his mission. Notwithstanding, people were elated at the idea, engaged, and accepted the brand for what it was.
He also highlighted that people in the city of Calabar are willing to expend funds to have a good time. However, if there are no jobs or a comfortable environment for businesses to excel that is a huge problem for event organizers and promoters. Nonetheless, the Mayor of Calabar does not consider this a challenge. His only desire is, “make everybody just dey alright

According to Jossy, the entertainment industry has its highs and lows. The lows would have to be the early stage of building the brand. There would be lots of disappointments and failures. However, once you have been able to surpass that phase life is good and the deals keep coming in.

As a very easy-going and soft person by nature, going back in time Jossy’s advice to his younger self would be to grow a thick skin because that is the only way to survive in the entertainment industry.

As stated by the Mayor himself, Jossy entertainment is currently working on a lot of projects. For Jossy, he has always envisioned building multi-million dollar companies.
Recently, Jossy launched a new travel brand called Xplore Travel Group. So far, they have organized about two trips and are currently planning the next. God willing, they would also be launching another business in December.

You read it here first! Watch this space for more updates.

Focus: @jossyoku
Article: @alexis_ebri 
Stylist: @houseofdagladash
Photographer: @ukandiatsu
Creative direction: @ukandiatsu

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