The Human Element

If we took away colour and its distractions, we can plainly get to dealing with form, tone and light with more earnestness.



When we strip clothing to the barest minimum, we metaphorically take away our external alter egos leaving us seemingly ‘NAKED’, bare and revealing.



We begin to narrow in more closely or with a bit more aptness on expression and emotion.





We get to pay more attention to ‘FORM’, with the clarity needed for this exercise more readily available. Most importantly, we start to uncover more and more our true Identities.






Be safe! Xo


Studio    The Space Calabar (
Model    |  Sandra Ekpe          (@hey_itzsandra)
Creator   Ukandi Atsu           (@Ukandiatsu)

  • Ukandi Atsu

    Managing Partner, Creative director

    Nigerian born Political Scientist, Creative Photographer and writer.

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