Voice! A Dance Story

@gorgeousini and @guitaiconic of @timeimpact discuss their love for dance individually and as a couple and how dance has continued to be a voice through which they express and communicate with the world around them.

As a couple, they are creatively trying to chart their own course through dance. With a fusion of traditional, contemporary and hip-hop the, duo aim to carve their own niche by showcasing their growth and passion for dance.

From dancing to build confidence and self esteem, to battling insecurities, to wanting to create something unique. Dance has no less been their individual and collective voice, helping them to express themselves, their ideas and their emotions.

“In the wake of worldwide events, change in social patterns and systems, we all will have to adjust our approaches to suite the times but nonetheless never fail to express ourselves through dance. What has changed? We still aren’t fully certain, and there is no way to certify if things will return back to the way they were or not. But what is certain is our love for dance and our resolve to creatively tell our story and growth through dance”

I was excited to take pictures of these two because of the close link I have emotionally to people who creatively employ the gifts they have in their self discovery and growth, as well as sharing that light in anyway possible for others to see.

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Dance in Nigeria divided into three main categories including traditional, neo-traditional and contemporary has played a major role from our traditional societies to now. From being a form of symbolism in the depiction of our local cultures and heritage to mere expression, it has in no doubt been a part of and is still a part of our culture. Now with the exposure to western and eastern cultures, we have more varied forms of dance, but each form regardless continues to be a form of expression and a voice to those that indulge.

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What does dance meant to you? Let us know in the comment section.

Muse: Gorgeousini & Iconic
Studio: The Space, Calabar
Photography: Ukandi Atsu
Words: Ukandi Atsu


  • Ukandi Atsu

    Managing Partner, Creative director

    Nigerian born Political Scientist, Creative Photographer and writer.

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