Water is as essential to good health as oxygen is to respiration. Less wonder Oxygen is one of the constituents of water whose empiric formula is H20. Forget the fact that the multi-billion dollar bottling companies want to make a fortune off of you by giving you some extreme figures; the truth remains that you need water. You might go on for many weeks without food, but you cannot exceed a few days if you are without water. Some of us know about the medicinal function water also plays. A lot of people practice the ‘early morning water drinking’, where they drink about 5-6 glasses of water even before they brush their teeth.

We are basically made up of water.

Water makes up about 60% of our entire body weight. That is a about 3/5th of the entire human body. Hence, it is the body’s main chemical component and also serves as the medium in which most biochemical processes take place. The brain has about 85% of it, 90% of it is found in blood, the lungs carry another 90%, our muscles 75%, kidneys 82% and even the bones hold about 22% of water. Do you know that an adult loses about 2.5 litres of water every day through perspiration, breathing, urine elimination, faeces etc.?  When the body loses about 5% of its total volume of water, symptoms of dehydration such as thirst, tiredness, irritation and coloured urine begin to manifest.

The consequences of not having sufficient water can be grave, as cells will start drawing water from our blood stream and cause our hearts to work harder by increasing the amount of blood it has to pump into our body circulation. Also, the kidney function of cleansing our blood to eliminate toxic materials from it will be impaired when we do not have sufficient water in our bodies. This in turn will put more work on the liver and other body organs. So we ought to ensure that we are well hydrated at all times. Water needs vary by individual, hence the need for guidelines to ensure that you drink enough water in order to keep up the normal working of the body.

Every organ system in the human body relies heavily on water for its optimum performance. Water is needed to transport nutrients to the various body cells, and provide a moist and conducive environment in organs such as the throat, nose, eyes, and ears. Water also helps in flushing or getting rid of toxins in the human body. Water is very much essential to the process of digestion, helps regulate body temperature, prevent kidney stones and also acts as a major lubricant in the body. So when you lack water in your system, it is said that you are dehydrated—a condition that is not favourable to the body. Even the mildest dehydration has the ability to make you tired, leaving you with little or no energy.

One interesting fact is that we lose water everyday and because of that, having an adequate supply and intake of water is very much necessary.

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