Yanga! A popular Nigerian slang which could mean “to show off” or “to pose”. I remember when I was a little girl, I loved playing with print and colourful fabrics from my mama’s closet.

I would perform a runway walk in front of Papa, Mama, and a few other family members. I would pose, catwalk, do a spin, basically whatever caught the attention of my family members. They’d often say, “this Yanga go pain body o”.

Ever since then, my love for print fabrics (mostly Ankara) only grew deeper.

Growing up with the passion and enthusiasm for fashion and content creation, I’m constantly looking for ways to create magical and amazingly beautiful content with the limited resources available to me.

A few years ago, I discovered Vlisco fabrics and immediately got love-struck.

The varying designs are simple and minimalist yet so creative and imaginative. This is expressed in bright hues of blue, pink, yellow, as well as neutral hues of brown and other earthy tones and many more.

The fabrics have a smooth texture with visibly varying patterns originally crafted by Vlisco. These distinctive fabrics have been in production for over 170 years and are tailored to suit the African woman. This inspired me to explore and create content with Vlisco fabrics for the African woman.

As an African creative, Fern Afrik Media has given me the platform to bring this dream to life and in turn, create amazing content with the team. This editorial explored bright hues of green, yellow, red and orange which represent growth, confidence, class, and motherhood which are attributes of a true African woman.

At the end of it all, I’ll like to say, – Yanga really dey pay!

Executive Producer: Fern Afrik Media
Muse: Sandra Ekpe & Precious Samuel
Designer: Ruyina Anani
Fabrics: Vlisco
Tailored by: Gedoni Victor
Stylist: Alexis Ebri
MUA:  Fumis Makeup Studio

Accessories: Zah Zone
Writer: Alexis Ebri
Production Assistant: Ruth Daniel
Photography: Ukandi Atsu
Cinematography: Ukandi Atsu & Casper Chukwukere

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